Thursday, December 4, 2008

Minnie Beasleys Cookies

Here is a local cookie manufacturer here in Denver that makes Almond Cookies. I've tried them myself and think they are incredible! If you are looking for a great holiday gift idea you might want to buy someone some almond cookies from Minnie Beasleys.

Alcohol and Weddings

I found a great article on alcohol and weddings. We all have been to a wedding where someone has had a little too much to drink and completely embarrasses themselves. The questions "should I have alcohol at my wedding" is a question most are faced when planning their wedding.

Articel written by: Jasmine Macdonald

One of the main decisions a couple has to make when planning a wedding is whether to not to serve alcohol at their reception. Your budget and moral beliefs should play a major role in that decision. Here are a number of options and variations you may want to consider.

Limited Budget
If you are on a light budget you can offer your guest a cash bar - where the guests pay for their own drinks. (Hint: If you are offering a cash bar make sure your guests know in advance so they can bring money with them. A simple line that says "No-Host-Bar" on the invitation is a good idea.)
If you don't like the idea of a cash bar, how about putting bottles of wine or champagne on each table rather than offering a bar. Arrange with the caterer to serve free soft drinks and coffee along with the wine.

(Hint to figure out how much wine you need: You should allow one drink per person per hour. A bottle of champagne/wine will usually serve six glasses).

Medium Budget
If money is not too tight you might consider offering a Limited Bar. This is the type of bar which you limit what is served to your guests. You can serve only soft drinks, wine, beer, or a combination of soft drinks and wine, or soft drinks and beer. (Hint: Do not offer mixed drinks as this could double your bar bill. You can also limit the time the bar is opened. A reception generally lasts about four hours so you could offer a bar for the first two to three hours. After that time you will only serve soft drinks and coffee. This will not only save you money but will also allow your guests time to sober up before driving home.

Unlimited Budget
If money is not a major concern, why not offer your guests a full open bar. A full bar is stocked with a full range of beverages. The bar consists of wine, beer, mixed drinks, and soft drinks. With an open bar you pay the entire bill. (Very expensive!)
Hint: Do not have waiters/waitresses serve drinks to your guests. If the people have to go to the bar for their own drinks, they will likely drink less; therefore saving you money!

No Alcohol
If you decide not to serve alcohol at your reception, that is quite alright. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Your guests do not need to drink to have fun.
You can serve your guests soft drinks and coffee. For your wedding toast you can offer a small glass of champagne or fruit punch.

Remember to stick to your budget when planning your reception. You certainly do not want too to start you new life in debt!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Recipe

Just thought Thanksgiving was coming and this might help those who are catering for their families!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wedding Favors: A Brief History

For many centuries wedding favors have been a part of traditional wedding ceremonies, across a wide range of cultures. Initially wedding favors were an extravagance at celebrations hosted by European upper classes, who had the wealth to provide elaborate gifts to guests. The early wedding favors began as small fancy boxes, known by their French name of bonboniere. A bonboniere was fashioned of crystal, porcelain or gold and often encrusted with precious stones. The delicate boxes were meant to hold bonbons or other confectionery delicacies, at a time when sugar was quite expensive. Sugar was also highly valued by all, as it was believed to have medicinal benefits.

The tradition of providing gifts to guests was adopted by individuals of modest means by selecting simple treats as gifts. Every culture across time has a approached marriage as a wonderful event, with the nuptials celebrated throughout the community. In many societies the bride and groom are associated with good luck, a common thought was that everything they touched would be charmed. By gifting members of the community, they would then pass those same blessings onto others. Many brides would choose to distribute this good luck by preparing a small gift of almonds, beautifully wrapped in an elegant fabric. The custom in the Middle East is for the bride to provide five almonds to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

For more than a millennium, almonds were commonly given as wedding gifts to the couple, signifying the good wishes on their new life together. In the thirteenth century the practice of coating almonds in sugar became popular, the new confections were called “confetti”. Over time, confetti has transformed to Jordan almonds, now a staple of many wedding celebrations. The combination of the almond and candy signify the bitter sweetness of marriage. Today, Jordan almonds provide one of the most common and traditional wedding favors when they are wrapped in small bundles of delicate fabric or lace and tied with ribbon. Though the most traditional of wedding favors are still appreciated, a bride is only limited to her imagination when it comes to selecting the gifts that will demonstrate esteem from the blessed couple.

Since the sixteenth century, bridegroom couples have been giving gifts to wedding guests as a gesture of gratitude for sharing in the beginning of their new life together. Today, gifts to the guests are known as wedding favors and are commonplace in ceremonies worldwide. The small gifts may vary according to the culture, wealth and the interests of the couple, or theme of the wedding. When it comes to the decision for the right wedding favor, the options are unlimited. A beautifully decorated placecard at the reception table, can make a lovely and inexpensive memento. For couples with larger budgets, a vintage bottle of wine with a personalized label is an excellent way of commemorating the event. Frequently a bride may select wedding favors intended to complement the d├ęcor of the reception table.

Wedding party favors are special gifts provided to members of the wedding party. The heartfelt gifts may be distributed by the bridegroom couple at the time of the rehearsal dinner or before the wedding, in appreciation for assistance in creating the couples memorable day. Like the wedding favors given to all guests, there are unlimited possibilities for these special gifts. Typically they may be specialized items of a higher dollar value and may be engraved with the name or monogram of the individual in the party.

A common denominator among all modern brides, regardless of cultural background or budget, is for the bride to take pride in the giving and selecting the right wedding favor. The majority of wedding details are bound by tradition or cost, but the wedding favor provides the bride a chance to show her personality and really consider what will delight her guests. Many reusable favors from candles, to statuary can be purchased for as little as a dollar each. Edible favors can be purchased or created for as little as fifty cents a person, while maintaining the European tradition of giving confectionery delights.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Planning Your Wedding Catering

One of the most important decisions that soon-to-be-married couples need to make with regard to their wedding reception is deciding on the type of catering service they would want to use. Usually, the decision boils down to choosing between two of the most popular options: a buffet or a sit-down meal involving servers. Making the choice would require that couples examine the pros and cons of each type so that they would be able to pick the catering service that would best fit their needs. Below are some information that can help couples.

Having servers
One of the most obvious advantages on having servers during a wedding reception is that is it an easy way to keep guests happy because they would not have to stand up and to fall in line to get their food or their drinks. In addition to this, having servers is also perceived as a more classy way of serving food during a reception. However, having servers also have some disadvantages, one of which is the cost, especially if the couple is expecting a large number of guests as this will entail paying for more servers. One risk that couples also need to contend with is that they would have to take the chance that the servers would be courteous to their guests.

Having a buffet
One of the most obvious advantages of having a buffet is your guests can choose what they want to eat from the buffet table, which is also a good way to keep guests happy during the reception. In addition to this, their guests would also get to decide on the quantity of food they can consume, which can help prevent food wastage. Another advantage is that the cost of having a buffet is relatively lower than having servers. However, one disadvantage of having a buffet is that the most popular food among guests would most likely run out before everyone gets to have them.

A major decision that couples need to make is on whether they would have servers or have a buffet for their wedding reception. To help them with this choice, they need to have information on the pros and cons of each type so that they would pick a choice that would be able to make the celebration of the wedding more comfortable and enjoyable for their guests.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Your Wedding TV

Your Wedding TV is the newest and most innovative tool designed to help today’s engaged couples plan their perfect wedding. Features of this site will include streaming of your city’s local Your Wedding TV show, along with web based planning tools, fashion samples, your own personalized and customzied wedding web site, local wedding professionals, web talk radio, gift registry links, their unique on-line wedding magazine and planner, and much more!

This is a fantastic resource for information on a Wedding in your area. Make sure to check out this resource. The site allows you to go to your location and pre-screen providers in your area for different services, venues and you can even watch their TV shows!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Englewood Catering Company

If you have a event or party coming up and you need to find a catering company in Englewood, you need to give The Food Guy a call! The Food Guy catering company is located just north of Englewood on West Colfax avenue. They have a huge kitchen with a nice display room located at the front of the offices.

The Food Guy catering company is the best Denver caterer and easily the most experienced caterer in the Denver Metro. Having served and organized all of the major events in Denver, The Food Guy will provide you with over 10 years of proffesional catering service. If you need an Englewood catering company for a wedding, social event, corporate event or even just a family meal, The Food Guy has done it all. They also have very good connections with all of the major venues in the Denver area and can help you get your party or event where you want it.

Of the few Englewood caterers, The Food Guy brings not only experience and expertise but also excellent service. The Food Guy has the best catering staff of anyone, they are very personal and have always concentrated on making your event the best possible.

Survival Tips for Profitable Catering

By John Foley
The time to think about how important a catering event is shouldn't be moments before the guests arrive. Thought, planning, creativity and communication between staff, management and client are all important and should begin as soon as someone says, "Sounds great. Do you need a deposit?'"

That of course is the humorous fact about catering. Every company usually takes a deposit, which one would think is the beginning of a contract. Yet, many catering directors and managers pay little attention to a client until just days or moments before the event begins. That's not the way to build a serious clientele and develop a business that will be profitable. Catering is often looked upon as the secondary business, when in reality it is the profit center that promotes business and financial survival.

Here are ten tips to use as a survival guide:

1) Style: Make sure your events have some. If you don't feel as though you can project the right style, ask the guest what they are looking for. If they don't have any taste, buy a book on catering and duplicate the pictures until you get the feel of it.

2) Customer Service: get back to the customer more than you need to. Most catering customers are self conscious about events – otherwise they would do them themselves- so they need their hands held. Plus, that is the way to building repeat business.

3) Creativity: Do something un and borderline spectacular at each event. Keep the crowd talking. It could be something as simple as whole stalks of celery and colorful kale in vases around the restaurant.

4) Value: Don't skimp on food. Make sure that the buffet table is always presentable and the food never looks tired.

5) Pricing: Don't gouge the customer. Be fair. Remember, if planned well there is no waste so you do not have to build that into the price. Also, many items are seasonally on sale. Sell these items. Your profit will be larger while your cost is the same.

6) Ambiance: Don't ever let your restaurant get so worn you don't want to turn the lights on during the day. If something needs fixing, painting, freshening up or painting, do it.

7) Consultation: Make sure to spend time with your customer to find out their needs. Invite them in for a complimentary lunch or dinner to sample some menu items before they make the decision to have you cater their event.

8) Menu: Give choices on the menu. Don’t get too fancy, unless they want fancy. Most catering customers look for well prepared simple that everyone enjoys.

9) Flowers: Don't ever do a catering event without flowers. Add them into the price of service, ambiance, style or whatever, but a room looks naked without them.

10) Staff appeal: Make sure your staff is happy, friendly and customer service oriented. Nothing ruins an event more than a frown from Frederico, the head server.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SIP Fine Wine & Spirits

As you walk into SIP Fine Wine & Spirits at 19th and Market, you are immediately overwhelmed by the beautiful cedar wine racks which hold over 1,000 different brands of wine ranging in price from nine dollars to several hundred dollars a bottle. Located in the heart of Lodo, SIP Fine Wine & Spirits is a great place for not only for the wine enthusiast but also for the individual looking to buy their first bottle. Along with an abundant wine selection, SIP also has a significant selection of cold beer and liquor.
If there was one characteristic Jim Rice, owner of SIP Fine Wine & Spirits, stressed about his Denver wine store it would be providing individuals with the highest quality wine for its price. “Whether you’re spending eight dollars or over a hundred dollars on a bottle of wine, we make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck” says Rice. “We taste thousands of bad wines so you don’t have to.”

Unlike other Denver wine and liquor stores, SIP provides a wide variety of wines to those looking for a great bottle of wine. The four fulltime employees of SIP have tried every wine in the store and are experts when it comes to matching any of their amazing wines with any meal. Jim Rice guarantees his staff can answer any question you may have about a specific wine they carry; and with over 1,000 different bottles in the store, that’s quite a promise!

Every Thursday and Saturday afternoon, SIP Fine Wine & Spirits offers free wine tasting to those looking to expand their palate and maybe even their cellar. It’s a great way to try a new cabernet from Napa Valley or a Chardonnay from Sonoma Valley. “I want the experience to be both fun and educational” said Rice when talking about SIP’s first time visitors. Whether you’re looking to impress the neighbors or just try something different, the staff at SIP Fine Wine & Spirits will make sure you’re happy with your selection.

Besides providing wine and liquor to downtown residents, SIP Fine Wine & Spirits also provides wine to parties, Denver weddings, Denver corporate and social events, local restaurants and hotels. If you are thinking about planning an event with a Denver catering company, SIP Fine Wine & Spirits will work with your caterer in order to provide the perfect wine to accompany your meal. Many Denver caterers use SIP to provide the wine at all of their events because of their exceptional service and great wine prices.

SIP Fine Wine & Spirits was recently voted 5280 Top of the Town and featured in the Insider’s Guide to Denver magazine. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a first time wine purchaser, SIP Fine Wine & Spirits has the staff and wine selection for any occasion.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Denver Barbecue

Just picture this, a stunning backyard on a warm summer afternoon, delicious food and a sound system playing a smokin' jazz track or the newest upbeat tunes or some modern rock records. Fill up those pitchers with margaritas, or some vodka and pineapple-juice, or iced cordial for the kids. All that's left are the loved ones to come in numbers. I for one cannot think of a more appropriate time and setting for a barbecue.

Now, when planning the barbecue menu, don't forget that even the simplest of food are made totally delicious by the smoky barbecue taste. The classic sausages, burger patties, steaks, chops or cutlets are somewhat simple foods. Top them off with onions or capsicum and these vegetable sides mesh together in taste just by cooking them on the barbecue.

Make it easier on yourself. Gather up some pre-cut vegetables and pre-made salads from your local supermarket. These same outlets also store, in numbers, some ready-to-grill beef kebobs, marinated chicken, souvlaki and fish. Depending on what you want to cook, this could save a considerable amount of preparation time.

Pick up bunches of strawberries and grapes, a few watermelons, cherries and some rock melons while you're at the supermarket. Arrange these fruits in a stylish platter and you have a simple yet tasty and attractive dessert. Oh, it's also important to keep these fruits chilled. Maybe place the platter on a large tray filled with ice. It's up to you what recipes you want to dish up for your guests but you can have all sorts of different barbecues.

For an informal outdoor barbecue, attempt having a BBQ ribs cookout. Ribs can take quite a while to cook so remember to start a few hours early. Serve the bbq ribs up with some garlic bread and corn on the cob straight off the grill. On the other hand this type of barbeque is neglecting the little ones.

For a cookout centered around kids, I recommend giving the children a choice between hot dogs or burgers. Remember to teach them about adding a few greens on their plate! Place salads out with carrots and celery sticks so they can add it to their plates themselves without being forced to. If you're looking to entertain by sophistication (for dinner) try serving up some grilled salmon, baby Asian vegetables and some steamed white rice on the side.

Hopefully, these ideas can get you going, but take note that I didn't get into detail, so unless I studied hospitality/catering I probably would have already floored you with hundreds of ideas, which is why I'm moving your attention to this handy little book - Super BBQ Secrets. It contains easy to read guides to throwing a 'kickass' barbecue. It will save you time AND money for every barbecue event you plan on having. For loads of other terrific barbecue secrets, keep coming back to my blog at least once a week to find newly added barbecue recipes, so YOU can cook up your own unique BBQ ideas.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Selecting A Corporate Catering Company

This first time that you are looking to hire corporate events caterers you can feel a little overwhelmed by the process of finding the best one at the best price. The following are some tips that can help you make your way through this endeavor.

A good place to begin is by asking people you know if they have any experience with corporate event caterers. Request that they give you both their positive and negative experiences so they can let you know some things to avoid. They should be able to give you the name of a company or two.

The next step is to take a look on the internet and see what information is out there for your particular location. For example, if you were looking for a caterer in the Denver Metro area, you would start by doing a search for something like party rentals Denver. Then, take a look at some sites that rate these companies. It's always a good idea to read about what other consumers like you have experienced.

When you have pinned it down to a few catering companies, call them and get an estimate. You have to be aware of how many people you expect to feed and the kind of food you need. There are several ways to negotiate with a catering company. One way is to let them know specifically how much money you have available and find out what you could receive for your money. Make sure they know you are considering different companies. Another way is to just let them know how many guests you invited and let them give you suggestions.

Another thing to be certain to remember is to request a discount for large orders. You might imagine that the discount will be given to you automatically on a bulk order like this, but you often do have to ask. In any case it will never be bad for you to request information about any deals or promotions that they have. This will help you save money, or perhaps get more out of the money that you will be spending.

The bottom line is that when you're planning for an event like this you should really be looking specifically into corporate events caterer who specialize in the type of order your placing. Try to find someone with a lot of positive reviews on different consumer sites and be sure to get everything in writing before hand.

If you're looking for a Denver caterer in the Colorado area, you would start by doing a search for denver catering company on Google. Then, take a look at some sites that rate these companies. Choose at least three reputable caterers to canvas; make a list that includes the number of people you are expecting to serve; what foods you need prepared and how much you want to pay per person. The bottom line is this: when you are planning an event such as this, you must be looking very specifically into corporate events caterers who specialize in the kind of order you are placing.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things to Consider When Choosing BBQ Meat

Everybody loves a good barbecue. But once in while, we get that itch when we just want everything to be absolutely perfect - from the bbq marinade to the the barbecue meat to the paper plates and cups. Speaking of barbecue meat, there are some things you should consider when choosing meat to help bring out the perfect flavor of the barbecue.

In general, the most common barbecue meat choices are beef, pork and poultry, with each type of meat having something different to offer to the palate. As a general rule, select meats that were derived from younger animals since these would be tender and more flavorful.

BBQ meat tip # 1. Beef cuts ideal for barbecues are the New York strip, Filet Mignon and Rib eye. The appropriate thickness of the beef should be about a full inch. A little seasoning rub helps bring out the natural flavor of the beef without overpowering it.

BBQ meat tip # 2. Poultry is another barbecue favorite that can either be in the form of duck, chicken, game hen or even turkey. Choice cuts of poultry like wings, legs and thighs can be marinated or flavored using a dry spice rub. Chicken breasts can also be seasoned in the same way before grilling.

BBQ meat tip # 3. Pork is a barbecue staple enjoyed by everyone. It is the simplest type of meat to barbecue. To appreciate the flavor of pork, choose lean cuts like tender chops and spare ribs or baby back ribs seasoned with spices or barbecue sauce.
Seasoning Meats

Barbecue rubs give traditional barbecue a whole new dimension. It makes for a tastier and more flavorful barbecue. In fact, most famed barbecue restaurants use rubs to give their ribs, chicken and steaks a rich deep flavor. Barbecue rubs should be rubbed thickly into the meat and left there for at least four hours or more. When grilling, the barbecue rub will give the meat a nice, chunky and crusty coating.

Ideally, you should rub the meat first, and then add the sauce while grilling. BBQ rubs come in all kinds of mixtures. For a nice brown color, you should add some more brown sugar. Paprika is also a popular ingredient in rubs. It has a very light peppery taste, and gives the meat a nice, rich, brown color. Oregano, thyme, and rosemary are excellent herbs which go well with red barbecue sauces. Rubs also typically have onion and garlic powder to flavor the meat.
For an all-around sauce, try the Jim Bean Honey BBQ Sauce and Maguire's Irish BBQ Sauce. They are two exceptional sauces that can be used for any type of meat even fish.

On the other hand, the Bone Suckin' Sauce Rib Rub, the Cowtown BBQ Seasoning and the Habanero Seasoning from Hell are multi-purpose dry rubs that can be used to season everything from beef, pork, poultry, fish as well as eggs and pasta.

Organizing the Wedding Reception and Hiring a Caterer

If you've been keeping your wedding plans organized, you probably realize by now that you still have a lot to do. S ure you may have hired a photographer, set the dates, ordered some decorations, and bought a dress. You know just how you want your reception to look - but have you decided what you want to do? Have you thought about what you want to feed your hundreds of hungry guests?

Don't panic. Receptions are pretty much an open celebration. Anything you want goes. First, look at your wedding plans and check to see if you wanted a big or a small reception. Once you know that, you will have an idea of what you want to do. A traditional reception includes several parts. You can start off with a receiving line. This will give guests time to personally congratulate the bride and groom, as well as the parents. After the receiving line, when guests are seated, the food can be served. This too, depends on the style you have chosen. If your reception includes a buffet, guests can eat as soon as they have finished passing through the line. If the dinner is more formal, food should typically be served when the designated time for the receiving line has ended. At some point during dinner, you may have asked your best man and maid of honor to give speeches. This can be done before the dinner, to kick off the celebration with a toast, or it can be done as dinner is winding down.

After your guests are well fed, it's time for the party to continue. If your wedding plans include dancing, now would be the time to start. Consider including the traditional first dance, as well as a father-daughter dance. When you have danced yourself into exhaustion, it is time to cut the cake. Everyone has been waiting to see you stuff that frosting into your new spouse's face. (Oh come on now, be nice!) Take your piece, and then allow the guests to share the cake. Shortly before it is time for you to make your getaway, toss the bouquet to all those hopeful brides-to-be.

All of these are just suggestions that you may or may not wish to include in your wedding plans. One thing will be essential, and that is food. First, you have to decide whether you want a buffet or a formal dinner. If your reception is small and you chose a buffet, and if cost is an issue, consider asking several family members or friends to help by bringing an assigned item. Remember to be sure that your reception hall allows this. It is possible that you may only be allowed to use one of their caterers. If you want a larger reception (formal or buffet) you are going to want to hire a Denver caterer. Look at the list offered by the reception hall, or search for your own. Get an idea of how much each caterer will charge. You will also want to taste samples of the food you have chosen, and ask whether or not your caterer will also take care of serving the food.

Your reception can flow any way you want it to. This is your time to celebrate. With a little planning and some good food, your guests will enjoy themselves, and you will be able to share your joy with them.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wedding Food- Good Eats

Everyone likes to eat and that is why choosing the right caterer for your wedding is so important. The kind of food you choose to serve at your wedding is a direct correlation with the amount of money that you have to spend.

If you are on a very limited budget you can offer your guest drinks, hourdervs and wedding cake. This can be done with the help of a caterer or you may choose to do this on your own.
If you are planning on a meal for your guest whether it is a buffet or sit down meal brought to them by a professional server it is best to use a Denver caterer. The best way to find a great caterer is by word of mouth, such as a satisfied friend or relative. If you have recently attend a catered event and found the food good then you may want to get in touch with that Denver caterer. It is a good idea to interview two to three caterers and get estimates.

After you have chosen your Denver caterer you must decide whether it will be a buffet were your guest can choose form an assortment of foods or shall it be a sit down meal were your guest can choose between one of three entrees. Which ever way you decode to go make sure that you have a written contract with your caterer so there will be no questions in the end.

A great deal of time, effort, and money is spent on a wedding and having enough tasty food is a very important element of that special day. You want your guest to look back at your wedding and thing what a lovely event it was and how delicious the food was.

How to choose a Denver BBQ Caterer

By Max Suther:

The South is one of the largest places for barbeque not only because of the warm summer days and mild springs, but barbeque with pig roasts and ribs is not limited to the south. There are many great places to get bbq in the midwest as well. Many Denver catering companies haven even started to cater bbq. If you are looking for a barbeque catering business in Denver there are a couple of ways to search. The most important way to find Denver barbeque catering is by word of mouth. There are going to be several businesses listed online and in the phone books, but how do you really know which business is going to be the best. Your friends and co-workers should be able to recommend a Denver barbeque catering company to you.

As I mentioned the phone book and internet are also going to have listings of the businesses in the area. If you don't have a friend to recommend a Denver bbq catering company to you then you need to find one through other means. Searching for the information is easy, but how do you chose a business that is not recommended? You certainly wouldn't just pick a name because it sounds interesting.

Online resources allow you to find out the most information about a business. You can go directly to the business website for catering to find out the dishes they make as well as their prices, but that is only half the information you will need. You will also need to taste the food prior to hiring them. Most catering companies offer taste tests and menu ideas before you hire them to make sure you are both on the same page. The other important aspect of choosing a barbeque catering in Denver is checking their credentials. Chefs usually attend four years of college in culinary arts. So asking about their background experience and references is one way to obtain information. You should also check with the better business bureau regarding any complaints. Most businesses that have had complaints are listed and those might be any area to stay away from. It also helps you find the catering business that you desire for your next party.

Cooking BBQ Ribs Tips

Tips by Max Suther

Cooking BBQ ribs is not that difficult but there are a few things you need to know before getting started. These tips will help you create championship BBQ ribs versus okay BBQ ribs. So let's get started.

Tip 1 - Buy fresh ribs and your local butcher or farmers market. Never buy frozen ribs from your super grocery store. Fresh meat normally can be found at your local butcher or area farmers market.

Tip 2 - Deciding what type of ribs to serve depends on how much you want to spend and who your guest will be. There are basically two types of cuts for ribs. There is the St Louise cut and the baby back rib. The St. Louise cut is much larger and contains more meat but are not as lean and tender as baby back ribs. This cut normally costs much less than the baby back ribs. Baby back ribs are a leaner cut and will dry out faster than the St. Louise cut so you need to take more care when cooking.

Tip 3 - Cook your ribs very slowly over low heat. You need to cook your ribs at two hundred and seventy degrees for several hours. You can do this in your oven but a smoker is much better. You will know when the ribs are done when you can tear the bbq ribs easily by pulling on two of the bones.

Tip 4 - Put the BBQ sauce on the ribs at the end of the cooking process. Since you are cooking the ribs over a long period of time you don't want the sauce to burn. Most BBQ sauce contains sugar and this will burn.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Catering Denver

By: Jonas Larsson

If you have recently got engaged and the wedding date has been set, you know there are many things to consider and begin planning. From the guest list, bridesmaids' dresses, flowers and catering, it's a lot to do and there are many options to consider.

One of the most important factors to throwing any successful party is the selection of food. Therefore, wedding catering is of the utmost importance. After all, if you don't choose, your guests will. Other related factors to consider are any food allergies your guests may suffer, the time the food should arrive, and of course, the selection of food items.

In order to offer the most enjoyable foods to your wedding guests, it is important to go over every detail with a company or individual who specializes in wedding catering. A professional who has a lot of catering experience in wedding related events would probably be the best point of contact.

Some other catering tips to keep in mind: 1) Arrange an in-person meeting with your Denver caterer to discuss questions. Ask for references who can provide information about their experiences. Make sure that they are equipped to handle your number of guests and check to see that they have all the necessary health permits. 2) If you're going with a destination wedding, check whether catering services are included in the package price. If it is, you should still ask questions to make expectations clear.

How the food tastes is critical to the success of your event. Most Denver caterers will let you attend a tasting prior to placing your order so that you can select the items you like. Whether there will be a charge for this depends upon the caterer. The decision to insist upon a tasting is really up to you and how comfortable you are with your knowledge of the caterer and their reputation.

No matter how many glowing reviews of a Denver caterer you've gotten, it's still important to create a contract for the services. You and the caterer should both sign the contract, which includes every detail so that both parties are clear on your agreement with each other. Make sure to include the cancellations policy and any taxes or penalties that might apply if you need to postpone or cancel the event.

So, whether your choice for your wedding catering is some experienced and talented friends, catering you find online, or the most-respected planner and caterer in town, let your preferences and style shine through; after all, it is your big day! With careful planning and detailed direction, the wedding, reception and food will be thoroughly enjoyed by all.

There are many factors to consider and much planning to do when you become engaged to be married. The meal is an absolutely crucial element of a wedding reception. Your guests will care a great deal about this even if you don't, and therefore you want to select the wedding catering wisely. A few more catering tips: you should cater to people's preferences, and also think about any possible allergic reactions, as well as when the food will be delivered and, of course, whether it will be really delicious. With some careful planning and attention to Denver wedding catering, your wedding is sure to be enjoyed by all attending.

Selecting A Denver Wedding Caterer

The caterer is an essential part of your wedding. They provide the food and drinks and make the reception a success. There is no Denver wedding without the catering. The guests and the visitors are going to judge your wedding by the reception. It is the moment that they are able to enjoy themselves with food, drinks and music. If the catering goes bad, the entire wedding would be summed up as a failure. You would not want this impression.

You need to get everything right with your Denver catering. From the selection to the final delivery of food, every aspect must be well coordinated and implemented. Lets find out about some tips that can get a Denver catering service going right.

It would not be prudent to book a caterer over the phone. You will need to talk to them in person and find out about their food and service. You will have to taste some of the dishes yourself and then determine how well they go and many Denver caterers want you to do this. Your visitors would be having their preferences so you will have to get a caterer with the know-how on different types of food for formal occasions.

You must be able to find about her experience. Have they organized food for such a large crowd before? Was the event as grand as yours?

Ask about the tableware, the china and the linen. Are they up to standard? You can request samples. Will your visitors be impressed eating in those dishes? The Denver caterer must also supply waiters. How will they be dressed? Will they look smart to match the ambience you have created for your wedding?

How will the caterer charge? Per guest or per quantity of food served? You will need this pricing methodology so you can decide whether to get a sit down dinner or buffet? If you cannot control the number of guests, then you may want to go buffet so food will be available as long as there are guests.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Selecting a professional Caterer

By Jeff Gundy

Serving food at social events has become a practice that is so common place many take it for granted. Few can imagine attending a wedding, birthday party, or other celebration that did not include food being served. In fact, many people attend these events primarily for the free food that they expect to be served. While enjoying food is a fun part of any social event preparing the food can be a stressful, time consuming process. In order to save time and effort consider hiring a caterer for your next event.
Professional Denver catering companies take the burden off preparing food off of the event hosts. This will give them more time to focus on other aspects of their gathering. Denver caterers are especially useful when planning a wedding or important corporate event. Planning weddings involve a lot of careful planning and organization. Letting a professional catering company take care of preparing a menu, purchasing food, and serving the prepared food will let the bride, groom, and family members worry about other important matters. Corporate events also require a lot of prior planning. Hiring a Denver caterer that specializes in corporate catering will help ensure the overall success of the event.

When the time comes to choose your caterer it is important that you keep your location in mind. Try to choose a caterer that is close to you or the location of the event. This will help avoid last minute timing issues that could affect the caterer or the client. There are several established, professional, Denver catering companies currently operating in Denver, Colorado and the entire Metropolitan area.

Budget is another important factor when choosing a Denver catering company. Before you begin looking into catering companies take a moment and determine how much you would spend on food and serving supplies if you prepared the food yourself. Once you have determined this amount remember it when the time comes to get quotes from Denver caterers. Expect to be quoted the amount you would have spent preparing the food yourself plus a bit extra to cover transportation, set up, serving, and cleaning up. The total amount of various catering packages might surprise someone but it is important to remember all of the services you are paying for and the time a Denver caterer will save you. In many situations using a caterer is more affordable than attempting to manage cooking and serving on your own.

A professional caterer will become a valuable asset when planning any personal or professional event. Some caterers will even assist with seating arrangements, table decorations, and flower arrangements. Once you have chosen your caterer relax and let them take care of all your dining needs.

Corporate Catering

Food is always an essential ingredient in every event and party. Events such as weddings, corporate events, family reunions or baby showers all need to have food around. In fact, when we attend an event, we will usually look forward to eat some delicious food, whether it is snacks or a full-course meal. So instead of preparing the food yourself, you can hire a denver catering company to help you take care of your food requirements.

A Denver catering service can be very helpful with taking some of the stress off you during an event. A good caterer will take care of everything such as the preparation of food and drink, dining area set up, decorations, and the clearing up of the dining area after the event.

Now, let me share with you some simple tips so that you are better prepared and your caterer will be able to execute your plan accordingly:

1. Finalizing on the location, date and time of the event. These are very important information and you must let your Denver caterer know way before the event. Especially for the location, the Denver caterer needs to visit the ground so as to get himself familiar with the site layout. So make sure that your Denver caterer is comfortable with the location in advance.

2. Setting your catering budget. One way to decide your catering budget is to ask yourself how important the role of food and drink will play at your corporate event. Are you intending to provide a sit-down dinner or a buffet for your guests? Do you want your food to match a particular theme of your event? These are the things that you need to get into consideration before deciding how much money you are going to allocate for food catering. It is also important to know how many guests are attending your event. By catering the right amount of food, you can save yourself some money and cut down on food wastage.

3. Planning with your caterer. You need to brief your caterer on the things that you expect him or her to do during the event. Also find out whether your caterer provides other services such as site decoration. Many Denver catering services today provide a full event planning. Check with your caterer if they provide a full event planning. If so, usually they will provide you with a brochure with the service details.

So whether you are planning a corporate event or a simple birthday party for 20 close friends, let a Denver catering company helps you with the task of food requirements and set up. Spend your time sweating on other details of the event!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barbecue tips

Article By: Natasha Johnson

An important thing to remember when cooking out on the barbecue, is that the meat is cooked by the heat, not the flames. It is good to avoid letting the flames get too big, because, you don't want the flames to touch the food. If the flames do touch the food, you will want to take the meat off and raise the height of the grate on the barbecue. If raising the grate is not possible, then you can just use a spray bottle of water and spray them down a bit, before putting the meat back on the barbecue.
There are different temperatures required for different meats, and for different cuts of meat. You will want to pay attention to this, because, if you cook the meat on the wrong temperature, and/or for the wrong period of time, you will wind up with tough meat. You can monitor the temperature of the meat with a special barbecue thermometer.
A thermometer is only one of a number of different tools that you might want to get to help you barbecue. The most important things to buy would be tongs, a spatula, and a fork. You need to make sure that they are not too short, or you can burn yourself when flipping the meat on the grill. A lot of people use barbecue tools that are at least twelve inches long. There are some great barbecue sets that come with a lot more than these three items, but, these would be your basic, gotta have it, items to get started. The barbecue sets are really great, though, and make perfect gifts, too.
There is actually one other thing that would be really good for starting out, but, it is not for cooking - it is for cleaning. It is a brush for cleaning the grate of the grill between uses. So much stuff gets stuck on the grate and the brushes made for cleaning them work wonders in scraping all of that junk off of there, so your food doesn't wind up tasting like last week's meal!

Denver Corporate Catering

Article By: Terry Lamb

This first time that you are looking to hire a Denver corporate events caterer you can feel a little overwhelmed by the process of finding the best one at the best price. The following are some tips that can help you make your way through this endeavor.
A good place to begin is by asking people you know if they have any experience with Denver corporate catering companies. Request that they give you both their positive and negative experiences so they can let you know some things to avoid. They should be able to give you the name of a company or two.
The next step is to take a look on the internet and see what information is out there for a Denver catering company. For example, if you were looking for a caterer in the Lakewood area, , you would start by doing a search for something like Lakewood caterer Denver,CO. Then, take a look at some sites that rate these companies. It's always a good idea to read about what other consumers like you have experienced.
When you have pinned it down to a few companies, call them and get an estimate. You have to be aware of how many people you expect to feed and the kind of food you need. There are several ways to negotiate with the catering companies. One way is to let them know specifically how much money you have available and find out what you could receive for your money. Make sure they know you are considering different companies. Another way is to just let them know how many guests you invited and let them give you suggestions.
Another thing to be certain to remember is to request a discount for large orders. You might imagine that the discount will be given to you automatically on a bulk order like this, but you often do have to ask. In any case it will never be bad for you to request information about any deals or promotions that they have. This will help you save money, or perhaps get more out of the money that you will be spending.
The bottom line is that when you're planning for a corporate event like this you should really be looking specifically into corporate events caterers who specialize in the type of order your placing. Try to find someone with a lot of positive reviews on different consumer sites and be sure to get everything in writing before hand.
If you're looking for a caterer in the Denver Metro area, you would start by doing a search for catering services, like Denver caterer. Then, take a look at some sites that rate these companies. Choose at least three reputable caterers to canvas; make a list that includes the number of people you are expecting to serve; what foods you need prepared and how much you want to pay per person. The bottom line is this: when you are planning a corporate event such as this, you must be looking very specifically into Denver corporate events caterers who specialize in the kind of order you are placing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Denver Wedding Catering

Everyone knows the food is a very important part of a Wedding and hiring a wedding caterer is important in determining the quality of your wedding food. Weddings are very fun and exciting, an event people will remember for a very long time. Make sure you plan accordingly for your wedding and hire a wedding planner who has expertise in both events and catering.

We say this because some event planners out there are very good at getting the location, flowers, decorations but are not very good when it comes to the wedding food. If your looking for someone who has an expertise in all of the above, The Food Guy is a great choice! They have wedding planners who have been in the business for 15+ years and boy do they know their food! They know a lot of people at all of the popular wedding locations in Denver and if you can't get into a place on your own, they probably can get you where you want.

We recommend using The Food Guy catering company in Denver for any wedding. They have excellent food and the experience serving large numbers.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Englewood Catering Company

I always have a company party to kick off the busy season for my accounting firm. I needed to find an Englewood catering company or a Lakewood catering company, someone that could provide our party with decorations, table settings, and of course great food! I had called a few Lakewood caterers and got a few numbers. I decided to go visit The Food Guy out of Lakewood for a free food tasting. I found they had a great staff and were reasonable with price. They offered full service catering with everything I was looking for. They also told me it was not a problem for an Englewood catering job. They had many vehicles to transport the food and they had actually done Boulder catering and Littleton catering jobs all the time.

My event turned out to be a success and the food was excellent! I would recommend The Food Guy for any Englewood, Lakewood, or Denver catering jobs!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Denver Deck Party

When I think about hosting a party, I first think about great food. I have not been to a fun party without amazing food and people who I like. I know its easy to find the people that I like and to invite them over, the amazing food is the hard thing to come up with.

I decided to find a Denver caterer that I could hire to provide the food and decorations for my party. I wanted to have my party on my new deck and I had invited 50 of my close friends and to my home to kick off summer. I spoke with many Denver caterers and found many had trouble with the deck theme and asked if I could serve the food somewhere else. I found a Denver catering company that I had liked on the phone and decided to schedule a tasting. The company was The Food Guy and before I knew it they had my mouth watering and wanting more when I visited their kitchen. They had developed a few ideas before I had gotten there and had me very impressed. They told me they could put a big grill/smoker on my deck and serve BBQ. They also told me they thought a giant margarita would be fun for a deck party and I also loved the idea.

This Denver caterer had done many parties like the one I had envisioned and I decided to hire them. When the day of my big party came I was excited to see the denver caterer show up plenty early with decorations, all the plates, napkins, silverware, etc. They had the food all set up, the grill in position and they even brought some fake trees for the deck that looked great! I couldn't wait for my guests to arrive.

After everyone had gotten there we fired up the grill and started cooking the meat. The appetizers The Food Guy had made were amazing and the bbq smelled fantastic. I even had the neighbors jealous. With the giant margarita in place and music rolling, I was very impressed with my own party. This Denver catering company helped me make my party a complete success and it wouldn't have been possible without the catering help!

I would strongly recommend The Food Guy if you're looking for a denver caterer. I am still getting compliments about my party from friends.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Littleton catering Company

There are many talented Denver catering companies to choose from but not many provide full catering services to the entire Denver metro area. Of the Denver catering companies, a few come to mind that have the talent to plan an event and cater food for a Littleton party. The Food Guy has provided Littleton catering for many years and has excelled above all the other Denver catering companies. Many other catering companies don't succeed with providing Littleton catering because they do not have the appropriate transportation for their food. The Food Guy has 4 big fans with compartments for all dishes.

If you are in need of a Littleton catering company you should check out The Food Guy's website at or give them a call to set up a complimentary tasting 303-727-9200

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Denver Caterer

Are you thinking about hiring a Denver caterer for your next party or corporate event? You are going to want to hire a Denver catering company who has catererd for all types of events, all different numbers of guests, and obviously someone who has excellent food. If you provide good food at your event but the catering service is terrible, nobody will remember the food but nobody will forget the miserable service.

Denver's Best Catering company is easily The Food Guy. The Food Guy services all occasions big or small. They have served food to a group of 4 all the way to a 2,000 person corporate event. There is no catering event literally too big or small. The Food Guy will cater and Denver event in the Metropolitan Area including the entire front range.

The Food Guy also provides Denver wedding catering, Denver Corporate catering, Denver lunch, and has a wonderful event planning staff who specializes in Denver Event Planning and Denver corporate event planning.

If you want a Denver caterer who is not limited in what they can do, we recommend calling The Food Guy for a free tasting. Their food is wonderful and they have more experience than any other Denver caterer. They have catered every major event in Denver and would like the opportunity to cater your next Denver event.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Denver catered lunch

If you work for a company looking for a Denver catering company you need to check out Authentic Denver BBQ and The Food Guy Catering. These two companies have teamed up to bring Denver catering to a whole new level. Being able to offer more variety of food to any situation, puts them above the rest of the other denver catering companies out there. Because these two denver catering companies specialize in different areas of food, you get a specialized touch for every meal.

Authentic Denver BBQ has been making the best bbq in Denver for over 10 years. They have no limitations as far as Denver catered bbq goes. Even the special items like stuffed lobster, Authentic Denver BBQ can do it all.

The Food Guy has catered ever venue in the Denver Metro Area and brings a 10year + catering expertise to the duo. They have done everything from private parties to 1,000 person + corporate event. They are very good at event planning and corporate catering and of course specialize in wedding catering.

Wedding Catering

There is no day more special to the bride and groom than their wedding day. Weddings are a special feature for The Food Guy. In addition to some of the most creative menus, The Food Guy functions as a full-service wedding planner, offering the busy couple many service options for their memorable day. Music, food, wedding cake, romantic setting. It's all here at The Food Guy catering company.

Weddings define elegance and as such, The Food Guy catering will create the beauty, the service, the menu, and the dream to be remembered forever.

Since 1995, The Food Guy catering company has had the privilege of creating the dream for hundreds of couples. We have great releationships with some of the most fabulous places to have your wedding reception in the Denver area. If you have a place in mind, we can help get your wedding there. We are Denver's best wedding catering company!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to Choose a Denver Wedding Caterer

If you're getting married, the reception is one of the most important parts of the day. Depending on how you work with your Denver wedding catering service is critical as to how the whole thing comes off. However, if you're smart in your preparation you can get a fabulous reception and maybe even save some money for the honeymoon.

One thing you need to realize is that the Denver catering company probably wants to supply everything so if you're thinking about saving money by bringing in your own champagne or cake this might not go over so good. The reason for this is that if everything is not just right it reflects poorly on the catering company and that's not good for business. You’ll probably find that many Denver catering companies have developed a network of complementary business associates who can provide you with all the things you need to make your reception a success. You may find that they are a one-stop shop for things like bands, floral designers and cake decorators which is a big advantage.

Let's face it, weddings can be stressful enough and planning all the things that go into the reception can be challenging but if you get a lot of help from the Denver wedding caterers it can be more fun than frustration.

One thing you probably want to do is take a good look at your guest list and make a note of what types of foods should or should not be served. Usually you'll have a choice of two different meals but you want to be aware of people on your list that have food allergies.

One thing you should do before you even decide on a wedding catering service is to set the budget for the reception. You need to be very strict with the budget because things can get out of hand quickly. One good idea is to tell the caterer that your budget is a little bit less than it really is, that way you'll have some wiggle room if you need to make a change or something special comes up.

Here are some more things you might consider when finding a Denver wedding caterer and some costs to think about:

- Don't like what you see on the menu? The good wedding caterers can create a custom menu based on your tastes and budget.

- Keep in mind that most caterers charge per person so the cost of the meals will be directly related to how many guests he was invited to a wedding.

- Sometimes Denver caterers charge a service charge. This largely depends on the style of serving. A buffet style might have less of the charge, but if someone is cutting the deal will be something extra. If it will be a sitdown meal with waiters and waitresses that additional expense to cover their wages may be added.

- If there is a bar with alcohol and hourly fee for the bartender may be added.

- Can you believe there is a cake cutting fee? Yep this covers the expense of war is cutting and serving the cake.

- Typically wine or champagne is served for the toast and a lot of catering businesses will charge a pouring fee for this. No matter which way you look at it, hiring a wedding catering service is good cost you some money but if you shop around you may be able to get a good deal on the caterer that will do a fantastic job on your reception. Don't forget, this is your big day and you don't want to squirm too much or you might just get what you pay for.

Friday, August 8, 2008

What to expect from a Professional Denver Catering Company

Social events are very common in our modern culture. It can either be a corporate event or a personal event like birthday celebration. No matter what kinds of event it is, food catering is something that the event organizer can never miss out on. By engaging a food catering service for your next event, it can be a time-saving way to get the hard job done.

A professional Denver catering company will provide you with food and drink that is required for your event. Other than that, they will also provide you with professional personnel such as bartenders, waiters and waitresses. So no matter how big or small your event is going to be, you can be assured that with the help of a Denver catering company, they will help you to cover all your dining requirements.

When choosing a catering package for your event, it is necessary for you to determine what kind of event that you are going to plan. Is it a wedding reception or a team-building party? Once your have figured this out, you can engage your Denver catering company and ask for tailored packages that suit your needs.

Some types of catering services that you can expect from your caterer are receptions, dinners and BBQ buffets. Once you have engaged a catering company for service, they will deliver and set up the dining area once you have given them the event details and information.

Other than food and drink, some catering company also handle other details of your events, such as decoration, flowers, rentals of venue, etc. So do find out what other services do your Denver caterer offers and see whether there are things that you need from them.

With the Internet, you can use search engines to search for a suitable Denver catering company in your local town. By just typing in "catering service" into the search box, you will be able to find a list of catering providers.

Take your time to browse through their websites and find not only the caterers close to your location, but also reviews from other consumers on the quality of their services. Take note of a few suitable ones and call them out to ask for quotations.

On the Internet, you can also find directories which list caterers by city and state, which will shorten your research process.

A good Denver caterer can really be a great assistant to you when planning an event. The last thing that you want to do is to worry about your dining requirements. Leave it to your caterer and trust him or her to do a good job.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Denver BBQ Catering

Denver is not known for its excellent bbq like some of the other states are but Denver has its fair share of excellent bbq'd meat. Authentic Denver BBQ has came up with an excellent rack of ribs and specializes in Denver Catering.

Authentic Denver BBQ caters all Denver events whether it is a family gathering, business meeting, corporate event or even a Denver wedding. I was extremely surprised to see the capacity Authentic Denver BBQ was able to cater to. They were able to provide a Barbeque style buffet for a group of 300 for under $10. For Denver catering if you can get a plate for $10 a person that is exceptional.

When you want to hire a Denver caterer you also want the option for a custom menu. Authentic Denver BBQ is able to provide a custom menu and can cook onsite if needed. They can create a menu catered to your Denver Event or you can create a custom menu yourself, they can cook anything!

For more impressive options they can cook:
Rib Eye Steaks, Crab Legs and Steamed Corn on the Cob Proscuitto Wrapped Grilled Scallops with Garlic Butter, Maple Glazed Pork Chops with Pierogis and Sauerkraut, Fresh Grilled Marinated Fajitas with Green Chile, Mixed Greens w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette, Au Gratin Potatoes, and even an Ice Cream Bar with Toppings for Dessert.

Or for more affordable options:
Burgers & DogsBratwurst & KrautMinnie BBQ SandwichesBaked Potato BarFresh Sliced WatermelonLet us know your Budget

If you are looking for a Denver Catering company who specializes in Denver Barbeque, make sure to check out Authentic Denver BBQ's website: They can work with any size party whether it is a family of 4 or a wedding of 300, no job is too big or small.

I strongly recommend Authentic Denver BBQ

5 tips for Planning a Corporate Event

You have been placed in charge of planning your next corporate banquet and you're scared silly. Here are 5 tips to make that corporate banquet planning go smooth and the event an amazing success and to have your boss smiling ear to ear at you for a job well done.

The first step to corporate event planning is to determine an approximate budget. Some considerations are location of event, meal expense, corporate entertainment expense, and awards or recognition costs. Keep in mind this is to be approximate so you have a rough idea of what management is at least minimally going to agree to spend. This can always be negotiated with them down the road once your ideas are in place.

The second step is to survey the people at your company to find great ideas of what they'd like to see or have at your upcoming corporate banquet. Simply send out a short email blast with a survey form asking your fellow employees what they'd like to see in the event.

Some typical categories for a survey are: banquet location, meal choices, corporate events or corporate entertainment. By soliciting ideas from all employees from the top to the bottom, you've given everyone a chance to take some ownership over the event, which can help boost attendance.

The third step is to select potential locations. Most banquet and convention centers will have package pricing with a variety of meal choices to choose from. Some companies have outdoor events that require a Denver catering company to provide the meals onsite. Whether you choose an outdoor location such as a park or an indoor convention center, talk to past clients of the service providers to ensure you go with a location, and a Denver catering group that has a track record of successful events under their belt.

The fourth thing to procure is corporate event entertainment. Some ideas to consider are djs, bands, and live entertainers such as stand-up comedians, magicians, comedy hypnotists, or motivational speakers. Budgeting in this area can sometimes be tricky. Many planners think you can get by with spending a few hundred bucks on this area. Some will even make the disastrous mistake of trying to have all the corporate entertainment be done in-house. Nothing spells a bored, disappointed group of mumbling and upset employees than when a convention planner tries to skimp in this area. You should plan on spending at least $2000 - $5000 in this area to ensure you get quality entertainment.

Another mistake is to do the same thing every year - such as having the same dj or band every year. Try something new, such as a corporate comedian or a corporate comedy hypnotist - mix it up to help ensure you always keep your events fresh and exciting to attend.

To find a good live entertainer can also be a challenge - especially if you think you have to get the local guy or gal. You may have to bring an entertainer in from another state if there are no good local choices available. You must also make sure the entertainer is squeaky clean and politically correct. While you can't always make everyone happy in every audience, do your best to find someone clean and funny. It can make your job simpler to work with an entertainment agency that has many years of helping companies just like yours bring good entertainers in for events.

The fifth and final tip is to make sure you present the choices for your event to your final budget approval team correctly. Never simply go in and pitch your ideas simply on price - especially if you think management may balk on the total event price. Always sell your ideas with the benefits to the company. This can be especially true when it comes to corporate entertainment.

Common benefits for brining in good quality entertainment are:
1) an entertained crowd is a happy crowd
2) exciting events boost attendance - because people like to go have fun
3) it's a lot easier for management to make employees feel good about their jobs and companies, when they've seen that management actually cares enough about them by letting them know it's not all about working together but they can actually play together too.

Colorado Corporate Catering

When hosting a corporate event, whether casual or black tie, it is important to remember the food will set the ambiance and overall tone of the party. Working in Denver, Colorado - I have been to my fair share of Denver corporate events. Some have been great and others not so great. In every case, the catering was the determining factor of the overall success of the event. Choosing the right Colorado Catering Company can help you to pick the perfect menu and theme and put on an event that will impress all your guests. Here are some guidelines to remember when it comes to making your event a smash.

Theme – Choose a theme that is fitting for the event, which may depend on the reason for the affair. If the event is for something casual, such as a retirement party or employee Christmas party, choose a fun and festive theme. More formal events, such as an awards ceremony, should be much more elegant and refined. The event will be a reflection of you and your company, so make sure the theme is appropriate and enjoyable for all your invited guests.

Choosing Your Denver Caterer – Keep searching until you find a Denver caterer company that will meet all your needs and requests for your event. A good and credible caterer will be will to work with your demands and within your budget. You want to make sure you establish a good working business relationship; doing so will allow you to communicate and be responsive with one another. This in turn will enable your event to have the perfect cuisine and atmosphere.

Menu – The menu should coincide with the theme you choose and will obviously be discussed with the chosen caterer. The bigger the guest list, the more diversified the menu should be. You can stick with one food motif but make sure to have a variety of hors d’oeuvres or desserts to satisfy the palates of all your guests. Your Denver caterer will also make suggestions for dishes that will correspond with your theme and that will wow your guests.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Special Event Planning- making your next event one to remember

Planning the perfect Denver corporate event, holiday party, team building event, employee appreciation day, company picnic, family reunion, fun fair or other special event is an easy task when working with a professional Denver event planner. Many people planning special events are overwhelmed with fitting event planning tasks into their schedules, especially if it is their first time producing an event.

The first place to start is to find a reputable professional event planner you feel comfortable working with. Planners are easily found by asking others who have planned events in the past, reading company bios on websites and asking companies you are interested in working with if the planners and staff they employ have had a background check. It is a good idea to speak with more than one planner if this is your first time planning an event.

When selecting a professional Denver event planner, it is important to evaluate whether you are in need of an outdoor event coordinator, indoor event specialist, games assistant, meeting planner, caterer, etc. The individual you choose to work with will depend greatly on the type of event you are interested in producing. Once you have selected an individual or event planning company, the party details will begin to fall in place. Event planners will focus on executing four main areas of fun. They include: catering, music, games/rides and tents/tables/chairs.

When selecting catering for your event, a planner will evaluate the type of event participants are attending. For company BBQ's, on-site cookouts, or catered luncheons, a casual atmosphere is necessary which may entail typical picnic foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts and side salads. For upscale events such as client appreciations, open house, grand openings and the like a more sophisticated menu would be needed. In some cases, special dietary concerns will need to be factored into the types of foods you choose to include. (i.e. vegetarian, kosher, allergen foods, etc.) It is important to discuss any food limitations your event may have with your planning professional. A decision must also be made whether or not to provide a full meal, several course meal, fun foods, dessert/coffee or appetizers. A professional Denver caterer will work with you and your event planner to help you to select the foods appropriate for your audience and ensure success for your event. If you select a full service event planner, they will help guide you in finding a catering partner. Often times, full service event planners work with several catering companies and will know by the description of your event which company will best suite your needs.

Selecting the right music for your audience is essential in ensuring your guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience at the event. When hiring a DJ, MC, band, specialty act or musical group it is important to assess the underlying goals of the event. Do you want to select an interactive DJ to provide activities for children? Would your guests respond well to hula dancers, a Mariachi band, Dixieland band or cover band? Do you want your music to accompany your event theme? Are you looking for background or forefront party music? Do you want people to dance? Do you need a dance floor or not? Do you want your DJ to offer guests bingo or other interactive activities such as the chicken dance, hokey poky or hot potato throughout the day? How you would like your musicians or DJ's to dress for the occasion? Many questions must be answered before making your musical selection. Once these questions are answered you will be able to work with event staff in producing the perfect event! Selecting the right music is crucial as you want to make sure not to annoy or offend any of your guests, therefore, you will want to have direct input on the choices of music for your event thus eliminating any unwanted surprises or negative outcomes.