Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to Choose a Denver Wedding Caterer

If you're getting married, the reception is one of the most important parts of the day. Depending on how you work with your Denver wedding catering service is critical as to how the whole thing comes off. However, if you're smart in your preparation you can get a fabulous reception and maybe even save some money for the honeymoon.

One thing you need to realize is that the Denver catering company probably wants to supply everything so if you're thinking about saving money by bringing in your own champagne or cake this might not go over so good. The reason for this is that if everything is not just right it reflects poorly on the catering company and that's not good for business. You’ll probably find that many Denver catering companies have developed a network of complementary business associates who can provide you with all the things you need to make your reception a success. You may find that they are a one-stop shop for things like bands, floral designers and cake decorators which is a big advantage.

Let's face it, weddings can be stressful enough and planning all the things that go into the reception can be challenging but if you get a lot of help from the Denver wedding caterers it can be more fun than frustration.

One thing you probably want to do is take a good look at your guest list and make a note of what types of foods should or should not be served. Usually you'll have a choice of two different meals but you want to be aware of people on your list that have food allergies.

One thing you should do before you even decide on a wedding catering service is to set the budget for the reception. You need to be very strict with the budget because things can get out of hand quickly. One good idea is to tell the caterer that your budget is a little bit less than it really is, that way you'll have some wiggle room if you need to make a change or something special comes up.

Here are some more things you might consider when finding a Denver wedding caterer and some costs to think about:

- Don't like what you see on the menu? The good wedding caterers can create a custom menu based on your tastes and budget.

- Keep in mind that most caterers charge per person so the cost of the meals will be directly related to how many guests he was invited to a wedding.

- Sometimes Denver caterers charge a service charge. This largely depends on the style of serving. A buffet style might have less of the charge, but if someone is cutting the deal will be something extra. If it will be a sitdown meal with waiters and waitresses that additional expense to cover their wages may be added.

- If there is a bar with alcohol and hourly fee for the bartender may be added.

- Can you believe there is a cake cutting fee? Yep this covers the expense of war is cutting and serving the cake.

- Typically wine or champagne is served for the toast and a lot of catering businesses will charge a pouring fee for this. No matter which way you look at it, hiring a wedding catering service is good cost you some money but if you shop around you may be able to get a good deal on the caterer that will do a fantastic job on your reception. Don't forget, this is your big day and you don't want to squirm too much or you might just get what you pay for.