Friday, March 27, 2009

Wedding Planning Ideas - Wedding Food & Catering

Your wedding day should be very exciting, but little details can cause a lot of extra and definitely unneeded stress, like choosing what food will be served at the reception, or deciding on a cake, who should bake the cake, who should cater the event, and that small but very significant part, the wedding cake topper!

Here are a few ideas on how to make these decisions less stressful and more fun.

* Consider choosing a location for your reception that caters, this may limit your menu choices, but it also takes a lot of work out of the reception coordination for you.

* If you do rent a place that does not offer catering needs a good choice to go with is a buffet style catering, giving your guest freedom to choose what they want upon seeing it, and eliminating the need for extra serves!

* Here's an idea to save you a lot of money, if you are having a small intimate event with a small budget you could always call in a favor from friends and family and have them bring along their famous home cooked dishes.

* Going with an expensive cater gives you a lot of choices in what food will be served at the reception, you could plan for anything from filet mignon and caviar to country fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

* Most small restaurants off catering services as well, so if you have a favorite fast food or local restaurant you can look into having them cater your reception for a great deal less then the pricier caters.

* If you will be choosing all of the food consider choosing a theme as well, like seafood or beef dishes with sides that compliment them. Those with sensitive stomachs will thank you!

* Consider offering healthy choices, as well as choices for guests who may be vegetarian. A veggie tray and fruit salads are great choices for appetizers.

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