Thursday, July 31, 2008

Denver's Best Catering

Submitted by: Richard Allen

I own a company of 125 employees and every summer we have an annual lunch party for our employees. I was not happy with the other Denver caterers I've hired, so recently I hired The Food Guy to cater for our event. I was so impressed by their knowledge of the food industry and I didnt know there would be such a difference between the Denver catering companies out there.

The Food Guy had a very professional staff and helped me plan the theme of my party. They brought all of the plates,forks,cups, anything needed for the food part of our party they took care of. They even helped me with decorations.

I am so glad I hired The Food Guy because I didn't have to worry about anything! I will be giving The Food Guy a call for our next corporate event.

Wedding Planning

There are a million things to think about when planning a Denver wedding. It is very important to hire a professional wedding planner. Someone who has many years of experience and has been planning wedding in the area for some time.

When thinking about all of the things you need to plan for a wedding a few important ones come to mind. Figuring out the overall budget of your wedding is an important first step to planning your wedding. You should also have a date in mind when hiring an event planner. The location of your wedding is the next thing to consider. There are many great places to have your Denver wedding: The Brown Palace Hotel, Denver Botanic Gardens, Stonebrook Manor Event Center & Gardens, and several denver country clubs.

After you have your budget,date, and location set it is time to think about flowers, catering, entertainment, and of course the dress! Having a wedding planner will help you pick the top choices for these catergories. Denver weddings are exciting to plan, make sure you have someone who can help you remember all the minor details!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Denver Catering

Submitted by: Kathy Larson

Every year I host a party for my Lead group and I had been trying out different Denver Catering companies and I no longer have to look anywhere else. This past spring I hired The Food Guy who I found on his website and it was absolutely a fabulous experience. They helped me pick out the perfect food, create a fun theme and help with invitations and decorations. Of all the Denver caterers out there, I feel The Food Guy is the best.

My party was a total success because of The Food Guy and I will definitely be giving him another call come this spring! They created a wonderful experience for me and my guests.

Denver Event Planning

When planning for an event in Denver, you need to select a qualified event planner. A company who has been doing events for along time and has the knowledge of what makes an event a good event. Another key to someone who does event planning is their experience with several different kinds of events whether it be wedding planning, corporate planning, small cocktail parties, or even the family reunion.

Planning events can be as simple as choosing food for training class breaks, or as stressful as organizing everything for the Big Meeting of the Year. You want a Denver event planner who has experience doing both so your event will run smooth and effortless.

When you have a Denver Event if done well, you can help create a big impression with awesome food and decorations. If you have a bad Denver event planner your party can really be a bust.

Remember to research your Event Planner and make sure they have a lot of experience and know how to do the party you want to do.

The Food Guy

Amongst all of the Denver Caterers out there, The Food Guy has the most experience and professional service of all. We have tested many of the Denver Catering Companies and The Food Guy excelled over a lot of its competitors.

The Food Guy offers event planning, corporate events, corporate catering, catering for parties, wedding catering, and even catering for family dinners. The Food Guy has been around for many years and now works out of their Lakewood Kitchen.

The Food Guy Catering offers a refreshing approach. They work with you to identify your unique needs and discover a vision for the event. They will develop a customized menu that caters to your tastes.

Denver Catering has become competitive throughout the Denver metro area and we have found The Food Guy has risen to the top. Their event planning specialists are top of the line and the best in Denver. They have specialized in Corporate catering and have planned some of the biggest corporate parties in Denver.

Authentic Denver BBQ

When looking at all of the Denver Barbeque places out there, one comes to mind as being the best. Authentic Denver BBQ has been creating delicious meals since 1993 and going on its 15th year in business.

"Authentic Denver BBQ is catering The Finest Hickory Smoked BBQ to Folks who prefer Superior Flavor, Service and Value" is there slogan and from my experience they have the best barbeque in Denver.

They cater for any party, lunch, dinner, work function,corporate event, or even just for a family dinner. Denver Catering is getting to be a competitive field but only a handfull are as talented and professional as Authentic Denver BBQ. If you are interested in having barbeque catering for your party, you should give Authentic Denver BBQ a call at 303-232-4038 or visit their website at