Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding Planning

There are a million things to think about when planning a Denver wedding. It is very important to hire a professional wedding planner. Someone who has many years of experience and has been planning wedding in the area for some time.

When thinking about all of the things you need to plan for a wedding a few important ones come to mind. Figuring out the overall budget of your wedding is an important first step to planning your wedding. You should also have a date in mind when hiring an event planner. The location of your wedding is the next thing to consider. There are many great places to have your Denver wedding: The Brown Palace Hotel, Denver Botanic Gardens, Stonebrook Manor Event Center & Gardens, and several denver country clubs.

After you have your budget,date, and location set it is time to think about flowers, catering, entertainment, and of course the dress! Having a wedding planner will help you pick the top choices for these catergories. Denver weddings are exciting to plan, make sure you have someone who can help you remember all the minor details!

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