Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Denver catered lunch

If you work for a company looking for a Denver catering company you need to check out Authentic Denver BBQ and The Food Guy Catering. These two companies have teamed up to bring Denver catering to a whole new level. Being able to offer more variety of food to any situation, puts them above the rest of the other denver catering companies out there. Because these two denver catering companies specialize in different areas of food, you get a specialized touch for every meal.

Authentic Denver BBQ has been making the best bbq in Denver for over 10 years. They have no limitations as far as Denver catered bbq goes. Even the special items like stuffed lobster, Authentic Denver BBQ can do it all.

The Food Guy has catered ever venue in the Denver Metro Area and brings a 10year + catering expertise to the duo. They have done everything from private parties to 1,000 person + corporate event. They are very good at event planning and corporate catering and of course specialize in wedding catering.

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