Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Colorado Corporate Catering

When hosting a corporate event, whether casual or black tie, it is important to remember the food will set the ambiance and overall tone of the party. Working in Denver, Colorado - I have been to my fair share of Denver corporate events. Some have been great and others not so great. In every case, the catering was the determining factor of the overall success of the event. Choosing the right Colorado Catering Company can help you to pick the perfect menu and theme and put on an event that will impress all your guests. Here are some guidelines to remember when it comes to making your event a smash.

Theme – Choose a theme that is fitting for the event, which may depend on the reason for the affair. If the event is for something casual, such as a retirement party or employee Christmas party, choose a fun and festive theme. More formal events, such as an awards ceremony, should be much more elegant and refined. The event will be a reflection of you and your company, so make sure the theme is appropriate and enjoyable for all your invited guests.

Choosing Your Denver Caterer – Keep searching until you find a Denver caterer company that will meet all your needs and requests for your event. A good and credible caterer will be will to work with your demands and within your budget. You want to make sure you establish a good working business relationship; doing so will allow you to communicate and be responsive with one another. This in turn will enable your event to have the perfect cuisine and atmosphere.

Menu – The menu should coincide with the theme you choose and will obviously be discussed with the chosen caterer. The bigger the guest list, the more diversified the menu should be. You can stick with one food motif but make sure to have a variety of hors d’oeuvres or desserts to satisfy the palates of all your guests. Your Denver caterer will also make suggestions for dishes that will correspond with your theme and that will wow your guests.

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