Thursday, December 4, 2008

Alcohol and Weddings

I found a great article on alcohol and weddings. We all have been to a wedding where someone has had a little too much to drink and completely embarrasses themselves. The questions "should I have alcohol at my wedding" is a question most are faced when planning their wedding.

Articel written by: Jasmine Macdonald

One of the main decisions a couple has to make when planning a wedding is whether to not to serve alcohol at their reception. Your budget and moral beliefs should play a major role in that decision. Here are a number of options and variations you may want to consider.

Limited Budget
If you are on a light budget you can offer your guest a cash bar - where the guests pay for their own drinks. (Hint: If you are offering a cash bar make sure your guests know in advance so they can bring money with them. A simple line that says "No-Host-Bar" on the invitation is a good idea.)
If you don't like the idea of a cash bar, how about putting bottles of wine or champagne on each table rather than offering a bar. Arrange with the caterer to serve free soft drinks and coffee along with the wine.

(Hint to figure out how much wine you need: You should allow one drink per person per hour. A bottle of champagne/wine will usually serve six glasses).

Medium Budget
If money is not too tight you might consider offering a Limited Bar. This is the type of bar which you limit what is served to your guests. You can serve only soft drinks, wine, beer, or a combination of soft drinks and wine, or soft drinks and beer. (Hint: Do not offer mixed drinks as this could double your bar bill. You can also limit the time the bar is opened. A reception generally lasts about four hours so you could offer a bar for the first two to three hours. After that time you will only serve soft drinks and coffee. This will not only save you money but will also allow your guests time to sober up before driving home.

Unlimited Budget
If money is not a major concern, why not offer your guests a full open bar. A full bar is stocked with a full range of beverages. The bar consists of wine, beer, mixed drinks, and soft drinks. With an open bar you pay the entire bill. (Very expensive!)
Hint: Do not have waiters/waitresses serve drinks to your guests. If the people have to go to the bar for their own drinks, they will likely drink less; therefore saving you money!

No Alcohol
If you decide not to serve alcohol at your reception, that is quite alright. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Your guests do not need to drink to have fun.
You can serve your guests soft drinks and coffee. For your wedding toast you can offer a small glass of champagne or fruit punch.

Remember to stick to your budget when planning your reception. You certainly do not want too to start you new life in debt!

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