Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cooking BBQ Ribs Tips

Tips by Max Suther

Cooking BBQ ribs is not that difficult but there are a few things you need to know before getting started. These tips will help you create championship BBQ ribs versus okay BBQ ribs. So let's get started.

Tip 1 - Buy fresh ribs and your local butcher or farmers market. Never buy frozen ribs from your super grocery store. Fresh meat normally can be found at your local butcher or area farmers market.

Tip 2 - Deciding what type of ribs to serve depends on how much you want to spend and who your guest will be. There are basically two types of cuts for ribs. There is the St Louise cut and the baby back rib. The St. Louise cut is much larger and contains more meat but are not as lean and tender as baby back ribs. This cut normally costs much less than the baby back ribs. Baby back ribs are a leaner cut and will dry out faster than the St. Louise cut so you need to take more care when cooking.

Tip 3 - Cook your ribs very slowly over low heat. You need to cook your ribs at two hundred and seventy degrees for several hours. You can do this in your oven but a smoker is much better. You will know when the ribs are done when you can tear the bbq ribs easily by pulling on two of the bones.

Tip 4 - Put the BBQ sauce on the ribs at the end of the cooking process. Since you are cooking the ribs over a long period of time you don't want the sauce to burn. Most BBQ sauce contains sugar and this will burn.

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