Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Organizing the Wedding Reception and Hiring a Caterer

If you've been keeping your wedding plans organized, you probably realize by now that you still have a lot to do. S ure you may have hired a photographer, set the dates, ordered some decorations, and bought a dress. You know just how you want your reception to look - but have you decided what you want to do? Have you thought about what you want to feed your hundreds of hungry guests?

Don't panic. Receptions are pretty much an open celebration. Anything you want goes. First, look at your wedding plans and check to see if you wanted a big or a small reception. Once you know that, you will have an idea of what you want to do. A traditional reception includes several parts. You can start off with a receiving line. This will give guests time to personally congratulate the bride and groom, as well as the parents. After the receiving line, when guests are seated, the food can be served. This too, depends on the style you have chosen. If your reception includes a buffet, guests can eat as soon as they have finished passing through the line. If the dinner is more formal, food should typically be served when the designated time for the receiving line has ended. At some point during dinner, you may have asked your best man and maid of honor to give speeches. This can be done before the dinner, to kick off the celebration with a toast, or it can be done as dinner is winding down.

After your guests are well fed, it's time for the party to continue. If your wedding plans include dancing, now would be the time to start. Consider including the traditional first dance, as well as a father-daughter dance. When you have danced yourself into exhaustion, it is time to cut the cake. Everyone has been waiting to see you stuff that frosting into your new spouse's face. (Oh come on now, be nice!) Take your piece, and then allow the guests to share the cake. Shortly before it is time for you to make your getaway, toss the bouquet to all those hopeful brides-to-be.

All of these are just suggestions that you may or may not wish to include in your wedding plans. One thing will be essential, and that is food. First, you have to decide whether you want a buffet or a formal dinner. If your reception is small and you chose a buffet, and if cost is an issue, consider asking several family members or friends to help by bringing an assigned item. Remember to be sure that your reception hall allows this. It is possible that you may only be allowed to use one of their caterers. If you want a larger reception (formal or buffet) you are going to want to hire a Denver caterer. Look at the list offered by the reception hall, or search for your own. Get an idea of how much each caterer will charge. You will also want to taste samples of the food you have chosen, and ask whether or not your caterer will also take care of serving the food.

Your reception can flow any way you want it to. This is your time to celebrate. With a little planning and some good food, your guests will enjoy themselves, and you will be able to share your joy with them.

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