Thursday, September 4, 2008

Denver Deck Party

When I think about hosting a party, I first think about great food. I have not been to a fun party without amazing food and people who I like. I know its easy to find the people that I like and to invite them over, the amazing food is the hard thing to come up with.

I decided to find a Denver caterer that I could hire to provide the food and decorations for my party. I wanted to have my party on my new deck and I had invited 50 of my close friends and to my home to kick off summer. I spoke with many Denver caterers and found many had trouble with the deck theme and asked if I could serve the food somewhere else. I found a Denver catering company that I had liked on the phone and decided to schedule a tasting. The company was The Food Guy and before I knew it they had my mouth watering and wanting more when I visited their kitchen. They had developed a few ideas before I had gotten there and had me very impressed. They told me they could put a big grill/smoker on my deck and serve BBQ. They also told me they thought a giant margarita would be fun for a deck party and I also loved the idea.

This Denver caterer had done many parties like the one I had envisioned and I decided to hire them. When the day of my big party came I was excited to see the denver caterer show up plenty early with decorations, all the plates, napkins, silverware, etc. They had the food all set up, the grill in position and they even brought some fake trees for the deck that looked great! I couldn't wait for my guests to arrive.

After everyone had gotten there we fired up the grill and started cooking the meat. The appetizers The Food Guy had made were amazing and the bbq smelled fantastic. I even had the neighbors jealous. With the giant margarita in place and music rolling, I was very impressed with my own party. This Denver catering company helped me make my party a complete success and it wouldn't have been possible without the catering help!

I would strongly recommend The Food Guy if you're looking for a denver caterer. I am still getting compliments about my party from friends.

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